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Latest Blog Entry

EDCG630 Spring 2012
Topic: Welcome
Here is the official blog for EDCG630 - Spring 2012.  If you have any questions please feel free to post them here and I will answer them as they arrive.
Thanks, Prof. Albright

Presentations, PowerPoints & Notes - Current Session

April 30th

Session 12 - Autism

Autism - The Musical - Video

The Miracle Project


April 23rd

Session 11 - Chapter 10 PowerPoint

Mobility - Readings, Assignments & Links

Physical Disabilities and Health Impairments - Oscar & Kavana - Video Worksheet

About Scott: Recreation Activities for a High School Student

Duchene Muscular Dystrophy

Descriptive Video Service

Disable Sports USA


April 9th

Adaptive Computer Lab Tour

IRIS Center - Assistive Technology


Session 10 - PowerPoint

Text to Speech software

Children's Literature Web Guide

Other Resources

MS Office 2010 - .PDF

Microsoft Enable

Apple - Vision

Accessibilty Using a standard PC

Webspiration, Inspiration & Kidspiration



Kidsipration Activities

Session 10 - Ch 16


April 2nd

Content Quiz Session 9

Session 9 PowerPoint

R-Word Project

Downloads & Simulation

Functional Skills Questions

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3

Tips for Teachers - Intellectual Disabilities

Changing Education Paradigms


March 26th

ADHD Online

ADHD - Guide for Families

Medicating Kids - FRONTLINE


March 19th

Session 7 PowerPoint

MisUnderstood Minds Website

MisUnderstood Video - Chapter 1

Downloads & Simulation

MisUnderstood Minds - Activity

FBA - Sample & Activity


March 5th

Content Quiz Session 6

HHBH Video

Session 6 PowerPoint

Classroom Management Theories

Bullying/Harrassment Simulation

Downloads & Simulation

Hate Has Been Here Discussion

MyEducation Lab - Individual Interventions Video

FBA - Sample & Activity


February 27th

Content Quiz Session 5

Session 5 PowerPoint

IEP Deconstruction Review

IEP MyEducationLab

IRIS Center


General Education IEP - FAQ

IEP Cycle

General Ed IEP Responsibility


February 13th

Content Quiz - Session 4

Session 4 Collaboration, Formal Plans

IEP Deconstruction Activity *

IEP Deconstruction Activity - Examples 1 & 2


In-School Resource Guidelines

Media Assignment Compilation - Spring 2012


February 6th

Content Quiz - Session 3

EDCG630S12 - Groups

Diversity, Eligibility & Federal Categories Presentation


Federal Disability Categories

In-School Resource Guidelines - RTI

Star Module - Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Learners


January 30th

Content Quiz - Session 2

Perceptions of Disability Module

Inclusion: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future

Special Education Basics - Part 1 & Part 2

Interactive Special Education Timeline - Summary


January 23rd

Introduction, Review of Syllabus & Introduction to Inclusive Schooling

Nick Vujicic - Website

Media Assignment - Characters Article