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The SIMMS (Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science) Integrated Mathematics curriculum is a complete NCTM Standards-based mathematics program which encompasses all four years of high school math and engages students to enter a lifelong journey of mathematical learning through hands-on and activity-based work.

Developed for all students, SIMMS Integrated Mathematics involves real world contexts and incorporates a modeling approach using technology.

SIMMS Integrated Mathematics is published by Kendall/Hunt Publishing. For further information, please go to: www.simms-im.com




SIMMS Integrated Mathematics Homepage (outside link)

SIMMS Year 1 - Outline

SIMMS Year 2 - Outline

SIMMS Year 3 - Outline

Sample Portfolio and Homework Rubrics/Guides

Portfolio/Groupwork Self-Assessment PDF Form (download)

Sample Web Project from Level II


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