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Inclusion, K-12

Schedule - Spring 2011

Processes and Learning Methods: This course employs a variety of instructional approaches and learning methods.  Each session typically begins with a mini-lecture on the session topic, during which participants are encouraged to raise points or provide field-based examples. Students then practice the newly introduced concept or skill in structured small group activities, view an illustrative video clip, and/or participate in a teaching simulation. Afterwards, the instructor conducts a short ‘debriefing’ in which the ‘big ideas’ or ‘lessons learned’ are shared. 

NOTE:  Readings listed in a session are those that will be discussed/referred to during that session.



Topic, required readings and assignment information.


Sept. 13

Introductions; review of syllabus; overview of the course;
initial discussion of inclusion


Sept. 20

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 1: What is Inclusion & Why Is It Important?
Ch. 2: Inclusion: Reflections on the Past, Present, & Future

  • A Parent’s Guide to Special Education Available at DESE website.  Locate, print, and bookmark the website.


Sept. 27

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 3: Today’s Schools: Teaching Students from Diverse Backgrounds

  •  Review: A Parent’s Guide to Special Education – elements regarding eligibility

  • Disability definitions distributed on Week 2


Oct. 4

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 11: Collaboration & Teaming
Ch. 12: Formal Plans & Planning for Differentiated Instruction

  • Review: the Parent’s Guide to Special Education – elements regarding working in teams

Due: In-School Resources Proposal


Oct. 11



Oct. 18

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 13: Effective Instruction in Elementary Classrooms
Ch. 14 : Teaching Students in Secondary Content Areas

  • Review: A Parent’s Guide to Special Education – elements regarding the IEP


Oct. 25

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 15: Effective Practices for All Students: Classroom Mgt.
Ch. 7: Students with Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities

Due:  Site Visit Locations Proposal


Nov. 1

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 4: Students with Learning Disabilities

Due: In-School Resources papers


Nov. 8

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 6: Students with Intellectual Disabilities


Nov. 15

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 5: Students with AD/HD


Nov. 22

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 9: Students Communication Disorders & Students with Sensory Impairments

Ch. 16: Using Technology to Enhance Inclusion


Nov. 29

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 10: Students with Physical Disabilities, Health Impairments & Multiple Disabilities


Dec. 6

McLeskey, Rosenberg, & Westling (MR&W):

Ch. 8: Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Due: Site Visit Papers


Dec. 13

Last Date Due – Site Visit Project


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