WISE Project List 2002-2003/2003-2004

WISE Ideas

Explore marketing of small businesses
Explore brewing process and brew root beer from scratch
Explore career of sports management/sports journalism
Intern with 6th grade Integrated Specialist at Brown Middle School Intern at elementary schools Train for and compete in a sprint triathlon Intern with 9th grade Integrated Specialist at NSHS Intern in the Police Detective Bureau of Newton Start a radio station at NSHS Write a memoir/children’s book Explore oil painting/take classes Make a martial arts movie Learn about web page design and create a web page Intern at a mechanical/civil engineering firm Intern with Cops’ n’ Kids Program Intern at a veterinary hospital Intern at a Boston hotel Write music and record a CD/explore music industry Intern with sports journalist Intern at oncology unit at Newton-Wellesley Hospital Coach a youth basketball league Study architecture and create architectural models Explore history of guitar and learn to play Intern at MGH Deptression Clinic Intern with kitchen design company Intern at antique car restoration Intern in a political office Create a magazine on biking/skating/snowmobiling Intern at a local restaurant



WISE Project List 2002-2003

Bianca Allen – Marketing

Jon Barron – Intern at Data Becker, Software Publishing Company

Madeleine Baverstam – Music – prepare for solo violin concert

Jeff Berger – Intern at the Fairmont Copley Plaza

Eliza Berman – Study of NSHS faculty’s experiences dealing with students with an ill parent

Sarah Bernstein – Create a CD composing some of the songs

Anastasiya Bogdanavaskya – Create WISE web page

Nate Cohen – Intern at Legal Seafoods

Ryan Curchin – Coach youth hockey team – explore what makes a successful coach

David Eisenbaum – Intern at DRA (architectural firm)

Paul Esposito – Produce a “BMX” video about skateparks

Tim Fairley – Music promotion

Alex Ford – Creating a web page for the lacrosse team

Solana Freiberg – Intern at Johnny’s Luncheonette

Dan Griswold – Intern at the Office of Rep. Barney Frank

Faydra Holtzclaw – Intern at Ruscansky Photography Studio

Annie Hugg – Intern with Jewish Family &Children’s Services with Mothers of

Sol Israel – Build a drum set

Nakia Jackson – Explore the work of pediatricians – shadow/interview pediatricians

Molly Joplin – Design an alternative school with Magali Rowan

Alyssa Kaplan – Intern at the New Rep. Theatre

Adam Katz – Intern at the Boston Red Sox

Sarah Litvin – Intern at American Anti-Slavery Group

Michelle Maher – Intern with Newton Police Detectives

Garrett MacPherson – Intern with architect

Dante Medaglia – Intern with heating and plumbing company

Leigh Norris – Intern with radiobiologist

Mercedes Pacheco – Produce a rap CD

Andrew Pava – Intern a Channel 5

Dana Peli – Intern with fashion designer

Jessica Redner – Work with art gallery – study 2 artists from gallery

Leah Roop– Karasch – Help produce a musical at Bowen

Marielysa Rosario – Intern at Newton Wellesley Hospital – Neonatal Unit

Annie Ross – Study of and creation of mosaics

Anna Schuettge – The banjo – learning to play

Jamie Simons – Intern at elementary school

Talya Sokoll – Photojournalism Project

Andrea Stein – Intern at chiropractic office

Leatha Tzioumis – Interior Design Sasha Weinstein - Ceramics

Kristin Kenney – Intern at SkipJacks

Vit Kopelivich – Intern at the Newton Fire Prevention Office

Karna Krishna – Produce a short animated film

Chris Lee – Refinish a boat with Ryan Maher

Ryan Maher – Refinish a boat with Chris Lee

WISE Project List 2003-2004

Amanda Abraham - intern in marketing department at TJX

Keith Agoada - learn the process of brewing rootbeer

Amy Brauer - intern in fashion design with event planning and public relations

Nate Brevard - learn the process of brewing rootbeer

Jared Bristol - learn how to play guitar

Jonathan Colby - conduct a chorus/music

Rachel Collins - intern at Brown Middle School 

Greg Contente - work with 9th grade Integrated Program at NSHS tutoring students

Christin Copeland - Cummings research project on US Foreign Aid

Avi David - work to start radio station at NSHS

Brian Davis - explore law enforcement, intern with BC Police Department

Craig Durham - write a memoir

Anna Farber - take a painting class and explore painting

Julie Felix - intern at Newton Police Detective Bureau

Stephen Foster - make a martial arts movie

Damien Garcia - create a WISE web page

Derek George - intern at engineering firm, Weidlinger Associates

Shauna George - intern with Cops and Kids Program

Danielle Goldie - intern at veterinary hospital, Chestnut Street Animal Hospital

Lisa Gordon - intern at a fashion designer, Hadley Pollet Designs

Sari Haime - explore hotel management, intern at Fairmont-Copley Plaza

Ken Hoshino - compose music and produce a CD

Alycia Kiley - create a portfolio of drawings

Andy Kitto - explore sports management, internship at BC

Alex Kocher - compose music and produce a CD

Jenny Krichevsky - create "Newton Real World"

Andy Levin - coach a youth basketball team

Mor Levy - explore architecture and history by creating models of Chinese structures

Ross Mascho - explore sports journalism, intern at BC Sports Media Department

Schanise McKenzie - explore psychology, intern at MGH Depression Clinic

Lizzie Miller - work with athletic trainer, explore field of athletic training

Liana Mitman - intern at Bowen Elementary School

Ben Offenberg - work to start radio station at NSHS with possible concert promotion

Emily Paret - train for mini-triathlon

Jeremy Phillips - explore kitchen design, intern with kitchen design firm

Lisa Radding - intern at Countryside Elementary School

Polina Raygorodskaya - explore field of marketing, intern Boston Young Professional Association

Evan Schaefer - explore field of sports management/journalism

Dan Scudder - learn how to brew rootbeer

Gabe Sterne - write a children's book

Jeff Sutelman - explore sports management/journalism, intern at Brandeis Sports Media Dept

Jed Talvacchia - intern at antique car restoration dealership

Vered Tomlak - explore hotel management, intern at Fairmont Copley Plaza

Yulia Vigdorchik - explore field of medicine, intern at ER of Newton Wellesley Hospital

Lindsey Webber - learn about politics, intern at Senator Creem's office

Mike White - explore Army regulations 

Gabe Wilson - build a drum from scratch

Lauren Wintersteiner - explore restaurant business, intern at Legal Seafoods