Lou Merloni

Since breaking into Major League Baseball with the Boston Red Sox and
becoming an instant fan favorite, and now in his media career, Lou Merloni
has often been referred to as “Framingham Lou”. The nickname fits because
Lou has always been proud of his Framingham roots, and has been a generous
donor to the Framingham High School Foundation. Born at Framingham
Union Hospital on April 6, 1971, he has fond memories of growing up on the
South side of town, and the close-knit bonds created with family and friends
there. Traditions, such as eating Framingham Bakery pizza and spending
time at Columbus Hall, became a part of daily life. “One of the biggest things
that stands out to me about Framingham is the amount of support I’ve had,
which started well before I got to the big leagues,” he said. Lou first learned
how to play baseball on the diamonds of Framingham, where local coaches
Henry Brandolini and the late Sully Tusoni had him on their C’s teams, which
were a local dynasty. Lou and his wife, Steffanie, are currently in the process
of moving to the Boston area. Lou’s stepdaughter, Kayla, is a freshman at
Arizona State.