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Math 2 (682) Course Syllabus



SIMMS Level II, (Books 1-3)


The course will include an exploration of a variety of mathematical topics such as linear equations, exponential functions, probability, graph theory, statistics, sequences and series, similarity, etc. This course is unique in that students will learn through collaborative work and exploration. Expectations: It is the responsibility of the student to be on time and prepared for class every day. Most importantly, you are to be wide-eyed, ready and willing to learn. It is your responsibility to share your knowledge and to be helpful to your collaborative learning group members.

Behavior Rules:

Classroom Choices Behavior Plan (see classroom poster)
1) Never interrupt another student’s opportunity to learn.
2) All other rules follow logically from rule #1.


Bring to Class Everyday
Multiple Pencils
Loose-leaf paper
Class Binder, or Notebook for notes and classwork (Portfolio).
TI-83 Graphing Calculator
Course Textbook


Individual assignments, quizzes, tests, notebook checks, and projects will be worth a set amount of points. Group effort will also be assigned a set number of points each term. Your term grades will be based on the total points you earned and the total points you could have earned.


Homework will be assigned every day.
- Each, informally, checked assignment is worth 2 term points.
- Each, formally, collected and graded assignment is worth 5 term points.
- All work and/or a strong attempt at completing all problems must be shown.
- Late homework assignments will only be accepted in RARE circumstances.


Quizzes will be given throughout the year. Each quiz is worth approximately 25 term points.

Quiz Corrections:

In order to promote your learning, quiz corrections may be submitted up to a percent grade of 85%. Directions for quiz corrections will be given later.


Tests will be given at the end of each module and are worth approximately 100 term points each. Test corrections ARE NOT allowed. There will also be a Final exam and Midyear exam.


You are required to maintain an organized “Portfolio” for this class. The Portfolio will be collected at periodically during each unit. Since your portfolio will contain all of your in-class work, it will be worth 40 points every time it is collected. A “Group Work Effort” grade will also be factored into your Portfolio grade. A separate handout describes the portfolio requirements and gives more information on how your binder will be graded.

Term Projects:

Projects worth 25-100 term points may be assigned.

Missed Work:

If you miss class, then it is your responsibility to make-up missed work. Missed quizzes and tests will be taken during a J-Block or free block. It is your responsibility to schedule make-up quizzes/tests with the teacher. Unexcused absences will result in a ZERO on missed homework/quizzes/tests.

Extra Help:

Extra help is available during most J-Blocks. Help is given on a first come first serve basis. DO NOT wait until the last minute for assistance. To use J-Block most efficiently come prepared with SPECIFIC questions (problems from the text or past quizzes are a great start). You may also use J-Block as an opportunity to complete your homework assignments. If problems arise, then you can receive timely assistance.


Attendance is required in this course. I will strictly adhere to the school’s attendance policy concerning unexcused absences/tardies and grades of “N”. All excused absences and tardies must come through the house office (in the form of the official attendance lists or through blue notes / late slips).
For each term:
3 Unexcused Absences = (N) Failure due to Attendance
3 Unexcused lates = 1 Unexcused Absence
(This means, 9 unexcused lates will result in a failure!)

How should your homework be organized?

Each assignment should be completed on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper. NO FRILLY EDGES PLEASE!

Your name, the SECTION # and the date due of the homework assignment should appear at the top of the page.

Your homework should be completed in pencil.

Credit will only be given if it has been earned. This means all work must be shown. It should be evident that you attempted all problems. Leave a space between each completed problem. Leave at least 4 lines if you have not completed a problem.

A LIMITED number of homework questions will be taken at the beginning of each class. You are also responsible for seeing Mr. Albright during J-Block to complete incomplete problems.

DO NOT SQUISH YOUR HOMEWORK! If I cannot read it, you will not get credit.


682 SIMMS Homework Guide

Informally Checked HW

(2 points)


Formally Collected and Graded HW

(5 points)

Work Done

Points Earned


Work Done

Points Earned

Not Handed In



Not Handed In


Answer without Work, multiple problems skipped without effort shown



Most problems left blank, work not shown, explanations not given, many major mathematical/reasoning errors


Work show, incomplete problems show a clear effort



Some problems left blank, work not shown, explanations not given, some major mathematical/reasoning errors, many minor errors.



MOST problems answered, however only a minimal amount of work or explanation is given for each problem, many minor errors or some major errors are apparent.



All problems answered, more work/explanations need to be shown on some problems, most of the work is correct except for minor errors



All problems answered, work shown, answers written in complete sentences, explanations given where appropriate, most of the work is correct except for minor errors


If you are unable to complete a 5-point homework assignment because you REALLY do not understand the material, then you MUST see Mr. Albright at the beginning of class to schedule a help appointment!  You may still be able to earn 5 points if you do so!

What should your Math Portfolio look like?

(In other words, it should be neatly organized and easy to follow)

Portfolio Grading Guide

40 points total

Portfolio Requirement
Points possible for each Portfolio Requirement

Organization (Are all components present and neatly organized?  Can a specific activity be easily located?)


Completion (Are all class work activities included and completed? Are answers written in complete sentences with work shown and explanations given?  Are your answer written in your own words or are they duplicates of other studentsí work?)


Group Effort (Were you an active participant in you group?  Did you share knowledge in a helpful manner?  Did your support the learning of your group members?  Did you ask questions which helped to strengthen your knowledge and/or the knowledge of other members of your group?  Did you show growth in group work skills?  Did you behave appropriately during class?  Did you complete your group work in a timely fashion or were you a constant distraction to yourself and other students?)



Your portfolio will initially be graded ěeasyî.  As we enter second term, however, it is expected that you will be very familiar with the Portfolio requirements and, thus, grading will become more stringent!