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Algebra 1 (630) Syllabus



MathMatters 1, 2nd Ed., National Textbook Company, 2001**

Topics :                        

Data & Graphs, Measurement, Real Numbers and Variable Expressions, Two- & Three- Dimensional Geometry, Equations and Inequalities, Equations and Percents, Functions and Graphs, Relationships in Geometry, Probability.


It is the responsibility of the student to be on time and prepared for class each day. This includes having all materials in class everyday. (PATCH) Most importantly, you are to be wide-eyed, ready and willing to learn (be sure to get an appropriate amount of sleep each and every night and to eat breakfast before coming to class).

Behavior Rules:

Classroom Choices Behavior Plan.
1) Never interrupt another student’s opportunity to learn.
2) All other rules follow logically from rule #1.


Ready for class everyday:

- (P)encil
- (A)ctive Participation
- (T)hree Ring Notebook or binder for class notes
- (C)alculator
- (H)omework

Other helpful materials:

- Folder to “archive” past assignments/tests/quizzes
- Ruler or other straight edge
- Graph paper


Grades will be calculated on a point -scale. Each assignment, quiz, test, project, etc. will be worth a set amount of points. Your term grades will be based on the total points you earned and the total points you could have earned.


Homework will be assigned and is to be completed every night. Homework will be collected. Each collected assignment is worth 2 term points. Credit will only be given to papers that show all work and/or a strong attempt at completing all problems. Late homework assignments will only be accepted in RARE circumstances and for half credit.


Quizzes will usually be given once a week. Each quiz will be about 20 term pts.
Error Monitoring: Quizzes are designed to be the first opportunity to assess your understanding of the material. In order to promote your learning, quiz corrections may be resubmitted for up to an 80%.


Tests will be given at the end of each unit and are worth approximately 100 term points each. There will also be a Midyear and Final exam.

Term Projects:

Projects worth 25-100 term points may be assigned. The projects will, hopefully, enhance you understanding of course content. Projects may be group based.

Missed Work:

If you miss class, then it is your responsibility to make-up missed work. Missed quizzes and tests will be taken during a J-Block or free block. It is your responsibility to schedule make-up quizzes/tests with the teacher. Unexcused absences will result in a ZERO on missed homework/quizzes/tests.

Extra Help:

Extra help is available during most J-Blocks. Help is given on a first come first serve basis. DO NOT wait until the last minute for assistance. If you are having difficulties, then see me as soon as problems arise. To use J-Block most efficiently come prepared with SPECIFIC questions (problems from the text or past quizzes are a great start). You may also use J-Block as an opportunity to complete your homework assignments. If problems arise, then you can receive timely assistance.


Attendance is required in this course. I will strictly adhere to the school’s attendance policy concerning unexcused absences/tardies and grades of “N”. All excused absences and tardies must come through the house office (in the form of the official attendance lists or through blue notes / late slips).


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