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Algebra 1 (630) Course Outline


Algebra 1 (630)

1. Data and Graphs

Collect and interpret data, measures of central tendency, statistical graphing including, stem and leaf plots, circle, line and bar graphs, pictographs, box and whisker plots and lines of bets fit.

2. Measurement

Working with units of measure, perimeters of polygons, areas of parallelograms and triangles, ratio and proportion, scale drawings, circumference and area of a circle and area of irregular shapes.

3. Real Numbers and Variable Expressions

Operations with signed numbers, order of operations, properties of real numbers, variables and expressions, laws of exponents, scientific notation and square/square roots.

4. Two and Three Dimensional Geometry

Language of geometry, polygons and polyhedra, nets of solids, isometric and orthogonal drawings, volume and surface area of prisms and cylinders and volume of pyramids and cones.

5. Equations and Inequalities

Using ASMD to solve one-step equations, solving two-step equations, combining like terms in equations, using formulas, problem-solving skills, graphing open sentences and solving inequalities.

6. Equations and Percents

Percents and Proportions, writing equations for percents, problems involving percents such as tax, discounts, simple interest, commission, sales and expenses, and percent of increase and decrease.

7. Functions and Graphs

Qualitative graphing, coordinate plane, relations and functions, linear graphs, slope, slope-intercept form of an equation, distance formula and Pythagorean theorem, solutions of linear and non-linear graphs.

8. Relationships in Geometry

Angles and Transversals, constructions, diagonals and angles of polygons, translations, reflections, rotations, line symmetry, tessellations and problem solving.

9. Probability

Introduction to simple probability, experimental and theoretical probability, sample spaces and tree diagrams, fundamental counting principle, independent and dependent events, making predictions, and expected value and fair games.


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